Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Latest Popular Drivers in Japan Market

Here it is a list of some of the more popular new drivers in Japan


One driver to rule them all! "One Driver that tunes any loft, any look and any flight"

Head volume: 460cc
Shaft: TM1-113
Price: 58,000JPY (USD630)
Site: R1 driver

Gloire Reserve
The Premium driver of the series Gloire (only for Japan)

Head volume: 460cc
Shaft: GL450 Reserve
Price: 89,250JPY (USD970)

RBZ Stage 2
The second version of the famous RBZ

Head volume: 460cc
Shaft: TM360
Price: 50,000JPY (USD545)


VRS Covert
The first driver with cavity back technology 

Head volume: 460cc
Shaft: Tour AD GT-6
Price: 67,000JPY (USD730)


Driver for players searching ball speed and longer distance.

Head volume: 460cc
Shaft: Tour AD GT-6
Price: 59,800JPY (USD650)
Site: XHOT

RAZR Fit Extreme
As XHOTfor ball speed and longer distance

Head volume: 440cc
Shaft: Diamana B60
Price: 69,800JPY (USD760)


InpresX RMX
The first adjustable driver of Yamaha

Head volume: 440cc
Shaft: -
Price: 40,600JPY (USD440) *Only the head

InpresX V203 Tourmodel
Only 5000 units made

Head volume: 430cc
Shaft: TourAD GT-6
Price: 87,900JPY (USD955) 


X-Drive 709
The new of Tourstage with extreme impact technology

Head volume: 450cc
Shaft: TourAD GT-6
Price: 80,325JPY (USD875) 


913 D3
More Speed. More Distance. More Performance

Head volume: 445cc
Shaft: TourAD GT-6
Price: 69.800JPY (USD760) 
Site: 913 D3

A Japan only driver

Head volume: 460cc
Shaft: Fubuki 50/60
Price: 71.400JPY (USD775) 
Site: VG3


MP Craft H4
From the YORO JAPAN crafted division

Head volume: 440cc
Shaft: Rombax Type X
Price: 76.545JPY (USD835) 

5-Piece Forged Titanium construction

Head volume: 450cc
Shaft: JPX MD200
Price: 59.535JPY (USD650) 
Site: JPX825


ADR Premium
Premium driver from ADR series

Head volume: 450cc
Shaft: Motore Speeder
Price: 80.325JPY (USD870) 
Site: ADR Premium


Voltio Hi
The flagship of Katana Drivers

Head volume: 460cc
Shaft: Tour AD
Price: 105.315JPY (USD1.150) 
Site: Voltio Hi


Adjustable loft +/- 1/2Grade

Head volume: 460cc
Shaft: TFC360
Price: 37.800JPY (USD410) 
Site: G25


For long distance

Head volume: 460cc
Shaft: MD350
Price: 43.200JPY (USD470) 
Site: CT112


iD Nabla
A new born series of drivers

Head volume: 460cc
Shaft: Nabla
Price: 75.600JPY (USD825) 


Beres S-02
Straight & Smart

Head volume: 460cc
Shaft: ARMR6
Price: 126.000JPY (USD1.375) 
Site: Beres S-02

Beres C-01
Control & Courage

Head volume: 460cc
Shaft: ARMR Q6
Price: 85.000JPY (USD925) 
Site: Beres C-01

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Training Golf Swing Bat

There is a lot of material out there to help us improve our golf. Depending on what we want to work on we can find a lot of stuff that will increase our performance through some drills and training.

A training bat is a good item to work on the head speed and to avoid the "early release" that makes to lose all the power before hitting the ball, therefore obtaining low distances and a high ball and in the worse of the cases topping the ball.

Regarding the bat is more heavier than a golf club head, it is more difficult to release hands and it helps for the feeling of the swing, so our body will be gradually learning that feeling to make it as something more natural.

There are some types of training bats, some of them as the one below has a two-parts head. 
One part can move along the shaft and hit the static head at the end of the bat. This will help us to have more feeling of the impact moment, not only with the sensation of the weight but also for the sound it makes. 
This is a very effective drill so the brain receive simultaneous information and accelerates the learning process.

There are so many types of training bats, so you can check them and find the one which works better for you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oakley Skull Collection

Oakley has an exclusive line of apparel and accessories in Japan, Skull Collection. Designs are with a stylish logo of a Skull over crossed bones.
Their Items are so popular and some of them are sold out ver quickly.

Oakley has launched the new line of bags and covers and they look cool.

Photos: Victoria Golf and Oakley Skull Collection

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mizuno's First Golf Ball for Europe

Mizuno's first ever golf ball for Europe will be the new MP-S recently introduced in Japan. 
The MP-S is the third generation of Mizuno's MP ball line - the previous models only being sold to the Japanese market.  Mizuno has been producing and perfecting it's golf ball technology  since 2005.
The MP-S is Mizuno’s multi-piece tour level ball, with a new ultra soft, tacky urethane cover for exceptional traction on short greenside shots.  A combination of large inner core and highly resilient inner cover result in high initial ball speeds – with 318 large, shallow dimples to produce a mid trajectory and stable, efficient ball flight.
Though the MP-S offers a distinctive balance of touch and control that will predominantly appeal to skilled players - any golfer dealing with firm, fast conditions will appreciate its ability to stick to the green.
“Mizuno launched balls into Japan in 2005 – with a plan to hold back from the western market until there was a construction that met the tour’s expectations.  What we liked about the MP-S is that it stops as quickly as it takes off.  We could tell from the first touch of the tacky cover, that it would be incredibly responsive around the greens.  The R&D team describe the cover as highly 'visco-elastic'.  In laymans terms it means it means it's soft, but returns to its original shape quickly.
"We've tested all the Mizuno balls since 2005 as the technology progressed.  It was critical we had something really special before we could introduce a ball to Europe.  We were unanimous that the MP-S- was that special ball.”  - Andy Kikidas, Tour Operations Manager. 
The MP -S- will be available in Europe from mid March.
Via  Tom Kawakita & Mizuno Golf Europe.

Ryo Ishikawa 300 yards with new XHOT fairway wood

Here we have a video from Callaway Golf Japan hitting the new XHOT Fairway Wood.

Ryo Ishikawa signed last month a multi-year contract with Callaway.

Callaway site shows more videos of new XHOT fairway wood testing with Spaniard long hitter Alvaro Quiros and Brendan Jones : 300ydsSpoon

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Titleist Japan introduces Apparel

Titleist has launched a complete apparel line in their first Spring Collection. It is sold exclusively in Japan and it has 3 dedicated Areas depending the time when to wear:

Fitness: Apparel designed for training
Play: Apparel for round play
Gallery: Apparel designed for after playing and more stylish to wear outside of the course or practice places.

Actually I do not know the quality of the apparel, but I would assure it will be high end products. I hope they will have the fast success and can expand the apparel worldwide.