Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Driving Ranges in Tokyo

Just to got to shot some balls in Tokyo, sometimes can be sort of a complicated matter. Even when there are so many places where you can shoot balls ( known as 練習場, renshuujou \ practice place) due to small place is hard to find driving ranges with over 100yards long.
So if you are willing to improve your long shots, or just to practice some ball effect, it can be very frustrating to hit the other side of the range.

However there are some huge drivings, with a lot of services and spots to hit long shots. One of the latest to be built it has been Tokyo Jumbo at Adachi ward, where besides the 250 yards range with spots in 3 stories, there are a golf shop, Cafe, Grill Dinning and of course lessons services. Prices are quite high, but cost per ball dependes of the story you shot, being more expensieve the spot on ground level and the cheaper the 3rd story spots. On weekends and holidays prices are higher than labour days being 20JPY/ball (about 0,22USD) on ground level and 14JPY/ball (about 0,16usd) on 3rd story. A fee must be added for every time you enter the range.

Another one big driving is Meijijingu Gaien , a sports and art complex located n Shinjuku ward.
In other hand some have difficult access if you are not having a car, so going to this places by train or subway can be a headache as usually are so crowded.

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